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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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happens tomorrow night. it will be watched nationwide as interest in this contest kicks into a higher gear. some voters in ohio camped out to be the first to cast early ballots. most states start voting before november 6th, putting more focus on the first debate in denver. doug hudson, andrew and chris run bicycle company in colorado. they took me out to red rocks today. these guys will watch the debate. andrew hoping for a breakthrough by his candidate. mitt romney. >> i want him to talk about conservative values. especially economically. empowering small businesses. >> reporter: chris used to vote republican. not anymore. >> what really change my mind recently is it seems to have gotten away from taking care of the little guy. >> reporter: doug is undecided. >> i would like to see some
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details. both from romney and obama. mainly on tax policy. >> reporter: vice president biden said romney would hike middle class taxes. >> how they can justify raising tax on the middle class has been buried the last four years. >> reporter: republicans jumped on that. buried by obama? >> vice president biden just today said that the middle class over the last four years has been, quote, buried. we agree. that mean we need to stop digging by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> reporter: that's the kind of zinger sure to be heard tomorrow night. doug, andrew and chris say they hope to hear a lot of substance, too. at debate number one in their battleground ate. a lot is on the line. doreen talked about the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. 38%. more than a third of voters saying this debate and the three
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to follow, one vice presidential work the more presidential, will be important or extremely important to their decision about who to vote for. live from denver, i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you. a freelance american journalist who disappeared in syria eight weeks ago is now seen in a video clip posted on youtube. his name is austin tice. he is a former marine from the houston area. his stories were published in the washington most and the mcclatchee newspapers. in that video he is in the cuss different masked arld men. he is blindfolded. he appears frightened. the state department officials say the captors have taken steps to make it appear he is being held by extremists but they believe he is in the custody of the syrian government. a u.s. border patrol agent was killed and another injured overnight in a shooting in arizona. a third agent was not injured. authorities say the three were
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investigating an alarm triggered by a sensor along the mexico an border. this is the first border patrol ent to be killed in two years. the last shooting prompted the congressional investigation into the gun smuggling operation dubbed fast and furious. there are new clues in the disappearance of a mother in loudoun county. 36-year-old leyla mccullagh hasn't been seen since august. court documents show she's had a rocky relationship with her husband. now police are investigating whether foul play was involved. pat collins was in herndon where the investigation is focused. >> reporter: 50 days since leyla mccouple dlog disappeared and police are looking into the possible of foul play. missing. leyla mccullagh. 36-year-old belly dancer, wife and mother of a little boy. last seen back in august at her leesburg home. a sprawling property with the
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pond and the pool. she lived here with her husband matthew in their young son. ian griffis is her next door neighbor. >> he goes and comes at weird times. he didn't have a regular schedule. and she went her own way, too. they look like they had two separate lives. >> reporter: according to court documents, the sheriff is investigating foul play in her disappearance. recently investigators searched her husband' apartment here in herndon. and seized a number of guns and a substantial amount of ammunition. according to court documents, matthew mccullagh lives here with his girlfriend. those same documents say that leyla mccullagh complained her husband was assaulting her and threatening to get her deported. mrs. mccullagh told friends, she was from russia. trouble at the mccullagh house
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came to the attention of police about five months ago. according to court documents, one day last april, about 4:00 in the morning, matthew mccullagh called the cops on his wife. he said she kicked in his bedroom door. that she broke his tv and threw it at him. that she attacked him. when the cops got to the scene, they say they noticed cut marks on his hands and forearms. they said she said all she was trying to do was confront him about an alleged affair. mrs. mccullagh was charged with domestic assault. laila pled guilty to that domestic assault. she was placed on provide bags. she was supposed to check in with the court but she disappeared before she could make that appointment. now we reached out to matthew mccullagh but so far, no comment
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from him. live in herndon, pat collins, news4. thank you. there's a website causing some trouble now in a court case involving a defendant in a deadly car crash. police say rico was a passenger in a stolen toyota echo that crashed and burst into flames after a chase in montgomery county earlier this year. three teenagers were killed in that crash. richardson was charged with car theft. he started a website called justice for rico. it is to tell his side of the story. prosecutors have asked the judge to take it down. they say they're concerned that it could influence the jury pool. richardson's lawyer said the website is a matter of free speech and he argues that he should have a place to respond to information that police post on their website. a developing story now. a flight was scheduled to make it was unscheduled stops for two
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completely different reasons. first a medical emergency. the plane was diverted to newfoundland so a sick passenger could be taken off. then on the way to heathrow, the plane was diverted to ireland after a passenger smelled smoke. the maintenance crews determined it came from a faulty fan in the cabin. with 216 passengers and crew on board that plane, just this morning, we learn that two other american airline planes were diverted recently because of the cabin seats came loose in the middle of the flights. the dupont metro station is back up after creating quite a hague for commuters. it shut down because of a rain delay escalator outage. metro employees directed them to use the farragut north station instead. dupont metro was closed for about a half-hour before reopening. the evening rush hour was still wet but at least the power was restored. after a trans former fire in montgomery county. it happened this morning at the intersection of rockville pike
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and nicholson lane in north bethesda. they knocked out fire to homes and businesses as well as traffic signals. pepco has since been able to restore the power. >> the rain is mostly gone. what's next? veronica johnson with a look at that. >> we're going on continue to see some trouble on area roads. we've got a thick one out there. it is awfully soupy with fog. take a look. the visibility is currently dropping. we're down to a mile and a half in gaithersburg. a mile in leesburg and right now, camp springs also dropping down under a mile visibility. it is going to get awfully thick and awfully low by tomorrow morning. you can see the heavy rain. that left our area about lunch time today. we're left with just a few scattered showers that are down south right now. charles county, calvert county, saint mary's county and that is where i've got the possible of some rain showers until about midnight for all of us, we've
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got a chance to see some drizzle. we're in the 70s cloudy weather is not dampening the spirits of nats fans after the team won. the division title. tom sherwood is outside with more on how the fans are still buzzing about how it all went down. >> reporter: fans stuck with the nats and now they're winning and getting national attention. >> you think about the 1948 -- >> reporter: everybody loves a winner but new york times deputy washington bureau chief contractual is a cubs fan who admitted in writing his long affair with the nats. ost 100 games this n. year. for only the third time, even
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their bad history so this was a bad year. it is pretty easy for me at this point to go all in on the nats. at least for the playoffs. >> reporter: then the quiet andralex law office. the long suffering fan reese pearson is enjoying it. >> i lost two last year during the earthquake. >> my wife and my 12-week-olson, that was probably taken at two weeks. his first game was at six days old. >> reporter: the big question, should teddy win a race? >> it h to be a worlder suies game. >> that might never happen, god for bid. i'm already wh teddy getting one. he's had a rough go of it. >> reporter: forget teddy. the real question is, does this fan have postseason tickets? >> where did i stick them? right here. i picked just this morning. let's see if i got my world season tickets.
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>> already some postseason world series tickets are going for five, ten, $15,000. >> reporter: how many friends do you have that suddenly like baseball in. >> quite a few. i've had plenty asking me about postseason ticket availability if i could help hook them up with tickets. >> back to the new york times guide. cubs and nats. could he be a fan of the bears and the redskins? >> i'm a bears fan. i'll never switch to the redskins. i'll tell you that. >> reporter: let's see what happens if the washington skins start winning. at the nationals ballpark, tom sherwood, news4. >> thank you. we're looking for pictures of the d.c. area's biggest nats fans. send us photos of your children, your pets, yourself decked out in nationals' colors and we may use them on air. you can send your photos to nat' picks at nbc >> someone has just been taken into custody.
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the pope's butler makes a confession on the witness stand about why he stole some private documents and he doesn't feel guilty about it. question 7 has a new ally. a big backer is now supporting the fight to bring up big time casino to prince george's
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something like a plane crash keep them away from the game. seven crew member have been arrested in connection with the worst boating disaster in hong kong in 40 years. the ferry and the party boat crashed last night. at least 38 people were killed. it happened during a celebration for china's national day. crew members from both boats were taken into custody today on suspicion of endangering passengers. police in hong kong will say only that the crew in their words, did not exercise caution required by law. investigators have not yet that what they believe actually caused that crash. a massive clean-up effort is
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underway in spain after days of deadly flash floods. at least ten people died. many were swept away in the heavy currents. they include a young boy and girl. more than 600 people evacuated from coastal towns. those who escaped are now returning to their home. they work to clear away thick mud could take weeks or more. damage is estimated at more than $150 million. scientists say starfish are threatening the future of australia's great barrier reef. a new study reveal that the reef is half the size it was in the mid '80s. part of the problem is damage from cyclones and storms, but researchers say starfish are eating about 30 square feet of coral every year. athat rate, the reef will lose about half its size again in the next ten years. the worldwide fund said they can cut down on the number of starfish by controlling the run-off from fertilizer.
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some new developles on a document leak that has been plaguing the vatican. today pope benedict xvi's butler admitted to stealing private documents from the pointive's offices. but as claudia reports, the butler still says he's innocent. >> reporter: the pope's former butler took the witness stand on tuesday and confessed being the person that stole and leaked private documents from the papal apartments to an italian journalist who later published them in a book. nevertheless, he said he did not feel guilty of theft. the charges brought against him but he did feel guilty about having betrayed the pope's trust. he said he just acted alone with no accomplice. he never took money or presents in exchange for the documents. he just wanted to expose he said the evil incorruption he saw all around him in the catholic church. something that he saw but the pope apparently didn't. during a personal anecdote, he explain he had lunches and dinners with the pope sometimes during which time he had a chat and realized how easy it was to
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manipulate a man with such an enormous power and the pope even asked questions about situations he should have been aware of in the first place. and therefore he decided to expose the documents creating a scandal for which he may pay for a sentence of up to four years in an italian prison. he will be hoping if he does get extensioned, that italian cells are bigger than cells at the vatican. he said during his first two weeks in isolation, the cell he was in was so small, he could not even extend his arms. well, now the vatican has opened another inquiry into the allegations. nbc news, rome. veronica is here with a look at the weather. that was some serious rain we had today. >> serious rain. the first half of the day. now it going to be serious fog for the, a good chunk of tomorrow morning. as a matter of fact, i don't think we'll see the fog probably burn off until about 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. it will be enough to slow you down? i think so. in fact as we take a look outside, you can see it is
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forming. it is getting thicker and will get denser during the overnight of we're at 79 degrees for a high temperature today. started out in the mid 60s. not nearly as chilly during the overnight as far as rainfall today, reagan national, .43 of an inch since september 1. that gives as you surplus of over .75 of an ink. down almost seven inches. look at the other locations that picked up the heavy rain today. there was some flooding in frederick copy. even howard county. laytonsville picking up 2.77 inches. sykesville, a lot of spots picking up a lot of rain today. now the fog. we're at 72 degrees with the northeast win at 72 miles an hour. along with the fog, we could see periods of a little drizzle. for the most part, the rain is kind of had heing out of here. continuing to do so. especially that one area where it has been lingering over southern maryland, calvert, saint mary's county through the
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northern neck. and it is sliding northeastward into spots like delaware and new jersey. a little wet down to the south and east. kind of drizzly and misty coming our way for the overnight and tomorrow morning with that fog. 68 and the temperature only in around gaithersburg. good evening to you folks. 63 to 66. still hanging on to a little bit of warmth on the other side of that front. mid to upper 70s here then. low 60s to the north of us. tomorrow, we're back into the warm stuff. as a matter of fact, i don't think our temperatures will drop a whole lot by tomorrow morning. we've got 70 degrees around 11:00 p.m. 70 to 69 degrees for tomorrow morning. so it is drizzle and fog here. fog and drizzle for tomorrow morning under a mostly cloudy sky. tomorrow afternoon, i think we'll break into some sunshine with a mixture of clouds and sun. we'll get to a high of about 80 degrees. still the wrap-around clouds tomorrow. and thursday, same kind of deal, too. all week long. we'll at least have the warmth around with a high of about 80
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degrees. then next week or in fact this weekend, it starts. this next front will be coming through. it is right now over areas of michigan or will be by thursday through northern missouri. cold air on the other side of it. there could be some spots across the northern plains and midwest that will be getting their first snows of the season. again, cold air behind it that is really going to be sending the high temperatures down. the highs that will be more like the overnight readings. for our evening, 68 to 74 degrees. tomorrow morning, again, even worse. so you might want to leave out a little early tomorrow. get the early start on, heading into work. 65 to 70 degrees is where we'll start out. the high, 82 to 86 degrees. a southerly breeze tomorrow. very light. almost calm for the morning. it will pick up a little bit. let's take a look at the next couple of days. what you can expect. 85 degrees tomorrow. we're warm and humid.
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it will be a we're day after the fact that we've gotten some of the cooler days in here. 82. can't rule out an isolated shower on thursday across southern maryland. we've got nice weather on tap for friday. just great for friday night football. then saturday, there's that front. i think it will produce a few showers late afternoon on saturday to early sunday morning. again, coming up next week, we'll have high temperatures that will be closer to where our overnight readings will be at the end of the week. cool. some folks might start calling it cold. it will really bring on a lot more of the fall color. >> we call it autumnal. >> thank you. >> coming up, the story of a dog that had an incredible will to survive. voting has begun in virginia before the first presidential debate tomorrow. and a gop supporter gets a big surprise. coming up in sports, we're live at nationals park talking division champions. the nats winding down th have tt
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day at training catch. we're hoops. today marks ten years since the sniper attacks in the washington area began. it was an awful time around here. when just through a parking lot or stopping to fill up your gas tank became a frightening experience. >> by the time it was all over, about three weeks later, ten people had been killed. three others critically wounded. the attacks forever changed the lives of the victims' families. as jakie benson report, it was also a trying time for law enforcement. >> a lot of training has change. >> reporter: on the night of october 2nd, 2002, in the parking lot in wheaton, then lieutenant nancy was a seasoned
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cop but had work only two weeks as media spoke person for the montgomery county police department. ten years later she now shares the lessons learned during what became known as the d.c. sniper case. >> so we were dealing with again, catastrophic events. whether they're manmade or natural and how we all respond and how you can't do it yourself. >> we have to hope for change. and you know, sometime it is all in our attitude. >> it has been ten years since sonny buchanan was shot to death while mowing the grass behind the fitzgerald autoship. in his memory, his sister has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars in college and summer camp scholarships through an organization called sonny's kids. in what have now been years of a nationwide economic downturn, that money has made a
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difference. >> for college. or any post educational school. anything that is an he indication beyond high school. >> healing comes, too, in the angelic face of a now 16--month-old baby girl. she is named for the grandfather she will not have the chance to know. 31 minutes after sonny buchanan was shot, he was putting gasoline into his taxi at a mobile station in aspen hill when he, too, was killed by a bullet that seemed to come from nowhere. years of sadness for his family has been lessoned by the joy brought by baby pria. >> my mom lost her best friend and it was definitely the hardest on her. i have not seen her so happy since my daughter pria has been born. >> reporter: there will be a prayer vigil held 6:30 thursday at the goshen methodist church in gaithersburg. it will honor the memory of the sniper's victims.
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a new twist of a mother in leesburg, virginia. 36-year-old leyla mccullagh has not been seen since august. recently police confiscated guns and ammunition from her husband's house in herndon. detectives are now looking into whether foul play was involved. the court documents show she had complained that her husband abused her. the nats had their first division crown since returning to d.c. after clinching the national league east last night. now the focus turns toward who they'll face in the opening round of the playoffs. the potential opponents include the dodgers, and the giants. voters in pennsylvania will not to have show a picture i.d. at the polls. at least not in november. today, a judge stopped the requirement from going into effect before the presidential election. it will be allowed in subsequent elections. the democrats say it would have kept the -- the law would have kept minorities and older americans from casting a ballot. republicans argued that showing
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a photo i.d. would cut down on voter fraud. both presidential campaigns are hoping the first debate will have a big impact on undecided voters in the commonwealth. the northern virginia chief has more on why local voters say tomorrow night's performances may not influence some people's decisions. >> reporter: a little excitement in the arlington romney campaign office today as running mate paul ryan phoned a volunteer to congratulate her on being the person to make the 3.5 millionth could not tack in virginia. >> thank you for doing such a great job. >> reporter: the real focus here -- >> you are going to be supporting the president. >> reporter: and in obama campaign offices is on tomorrow night's debate between the two men at the top of the ticket. with virginia voters already casting in person absentee ballots and early voting underway in some other states, both sides know this first debate will be the last one some voters see. >> after this one, people will have a better sense of what mitt
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romney and the republican party stand for and what we're going to do. >> i think all three debates will be important. probably this one is the first. and people will be watching it more. >> most campaign offices like this obama for america office will also host debate watch parties. for a brief time the phone banking will stop and the tvs will go. on. >> reporter: the same will be true in more than two dozen romney campaign offices in the commonwealth. with mitt romney trailing in virginia and several other bat ground states, some analysts say he has more at stake. his supporters are confident he'll be able to win the all important swing voters to his side. >> i think it is an opportunity for governor romney to flush out these issues, face to face with president obama and there's no opportunity for the obama campaign to twist his message or his past words. it is all there in front. >> other political observers suggest because he has a reputation as a strong debaterering may have more to
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lose. with expectations set so high. >> i think the president is out there being the president. every day. and he is just, he is just going to be the president again tomorrow. and he is very good at explaining what's going on. what he is proposing. what he has done. and i don't think there's anything to worry about. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. just getting the results of the latest nbc news wall street journal poll on the presidential race. those finding suggest that president obama maintains a slight lead over mitt romney but the race is statistically a dead heat. a three-point lead. 49-46% but that is well within the survey's margin of error. two weeks ago after the political conventions, the nbc "wall street journal" poll showed mr. obama with a five-point lead over romney. it was 50-45% back then will. police are trying to figure
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out what sparked a large fight in downtown frederick, maryland. a fight that ended in gun fire. it broke out yesterday afternoon on west south street. by the time officers got to the scene, the crowd had dispersed after somebody fired the gun. police believe they found one of the men. he had some serious stab wounds and was taken to the hospital. nobody has been arrested. tonight, an anne arundel county man tells news4, he is not a hoarder after officers seized dozens of unusual animals from his hole. the animal control officers took a pig, a bird, turtles and a goldfish from his home in pasadena. officers said many of the animals were without food or water. they also report finding a dead rabbit in the house. animal control says charges are england. 21-year-old shane who did not give his last name said he had been working with investigators since august and he doesn't understand why his animals were taken. >> they were coming every single
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week and said every time they came they said they were happy with the improvements. when i absolutely adore animals. and i'm not like an animal collector or anything like that. >> reporter: shane denies that any of his animals were abused and says some were sick when he got them. animal control says it is working to find rescue groups and foster homes for all the animals. residents today threw the team's support behind the maryland ballot question number 7. in november, voters will decide whether to authorize table games and build a new casino in prince george's county. the redskins organization issued a statement calling question 7 in their words, a tremendous opportunity for prince george's county and all of maryland to create thousands of good paying jobs, increase funding for public schools and help provide dollars for other critical state and local government services. in the meantime, chris gordon
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reports those who rally today against, on those who rallied against expanding gambling. >> reporter: they are saying no to the proposed casino in prince george's county. >> what they tell you is that the money that will be derive from gambling will be used for the schools. that is not true. >> reporter: but prince george's county executive rash dlesh baker, the proposed person behind it says the money will go to education. >> so that we can pay our teachers more. so we can provide more funding. so that the problems that we see in prince george's county, we can help start addressing. >> reporter: the clergy and the communicate activists here say gambling is not the way to raise revenue. >> we should not build our budgets, our law and our policy by embedding social disease in our community. that's exactly what this is. >> reporter: one resident shared her personal story. >> it causes havoc. it causes families to break up.
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it causes families to lose their homes. >> reporter: you know this how? i've lost homes. i've lost my apartments. >> after all the tv ads, paid for by casino interests both sides, this was billed as chance to hear from county residents themselves. the "washington post" reported that participants in the grassroots rally may have been recruited on craigslist and offered payments of $25 to $40 in cash to come here. >> you probably saw that it said that some of you were solicited on craigslist or the internet. are any of you expecting any money or receiving any money for being here? >> they came here today because they believe in this cause. plain and simple. >> reporter: the opponents of question 7 say gambling is too big a price for prince george's county fix for the additional $40 to $60 million that supporters stay county would get from a casino here. chris gorn, news4 of. hispanic heritage month is september 15th through okay 15.
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and nbc 4 is celebrating as we do every year by honoring local leaders from the latino communicate. today the station hosted leaders from casa demaryland, multicultural high school and the gala hispanic theater. mary's center was also recognized. the nonprofit has provided health care access for women in d.c.'s latino and immigrant communities. >> to understand our culture, to appreciate it, to feel like a moment to celebrate as oppose to the news that sometime we hear about our kids not grad waiting. our kids ending up in jail. >> news4's erica gonzalez took part, along with nbc 4 general manager jackie bradford. they presented a $5,000
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donation. coming up, we'll tell but a dog that knows how to survive. >> there are new questions that what really works when you're trying to fight off a common cold. how about our weather? >> the rain may be over but take a look behind me.
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minutes just how thick this fog will be by tomorrow morning. if you're one of those who likes to stock up on vitamin d for colds, you might be wasting your time and money. researchers in new zealand have completed a two-year study of patients who got high doses of vitamin d and against those taking a placebo. they found no difference in the number of colds and upper respiratory infections in the two groups. the study published in this month's "journal of the american medical association" will. a poodle is being called a miracle dog for surviving high speeds while wedged up in the grill of a car. the dog ran out in front of a car two weeks ago. it happened in rhode island. the driver hit the brakes. he looked around and didn't see
6:42 pm
the dog so he kept going. at speeds up to 50 miles an hour. 11 miles later, another driver pointed out the little dog stuck inside the grill. police help free the poodle. the dog suffered a concussion but is expected to be okay. officers are now working on finding its owner. goodness. dan hellie down at the park where it is a lot of exciting things going on. >> reporter: good times. also talking wizards training camp. they open things up. tony romo looks like he needs to go back to training camp. and at the park they're celebrat
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series dreams. as news4 at 6:00 continues. welcome back. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson here from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. it poured. and now from this evening through tomorrow morning, we're going to have fog to deal with. just about everywhere. we're seeing the visibility's drop right now. as far as showers go, this is
6:46 pm
what's left. down south of us, south of annapolis, around deal and through calvert beach, a few showers left. look at the fog out there. just continues to get thicker and denser under a mile now. we just dropped in montgomery county. gaithersburg under a mile. camp sprins down to a third of a mile. we've got hours to deal with. we'll start the morning mild in the mid to upper 60s. again, with fog probably not burning off until about 8:00 or 9:00. tomorrow we're into the low to mid 80s. you're right. that is warm for this time of year. warm one tomorrow with humidity. the fog burns off about 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. warm through the week and then the switch takes place this weekend. into the 60s for a high temperature, right through next week, early part. get ready. we're talking about this division championship thing.
6:47 pm
we still have a couple games to play. >> reporter: it is a long road to get to the final goal for this franchise. they say the first step was to make the playoffs. step number two was to win the division and then you've got to go for the whole kitten kaboodle. that is the world's series. the guys learn toward the end of the game that they had clinched the division despite the fact that they lost. thanks to the braves who lost their game. and they took the party into the locker room where the carpet was still wet this afternoon. what a party it was. they had everything ready. 23 cases, most of the locker room covered with plastic. and of course, the guys had their goggles. this has been expected the last couple weeks but to see the celebration go down in the city where most of us have battered fan syndrome was something to behold. the team went back on to the field to thank the fans and made a lap around the entire stadium.
6:48 pm
two years removed from back to back 100 lost seasons. the nationals have knocked the phillies off that national league east perch. >> you've been dreaming about this for years. is it like you imagined it would be? >> absolutely. what a better team to enjoy this with. we have got a great group of guys. i love everybody on this team. they've done a great job. and for the first time, this is pretty unbelievable. it is speechless. >> you cannot even imagine it. as much as you want to see it on have the have the there's nothing like being soaked and freezing and smelling like beer and champagne. no better feeling in the world. >> we're excited. we work so hard for this. right now we just try to enjoy it. i know tomorrow is another game. but this is a moment in life that we're never going to forget. i'm too excited. i can't even stand still. i'm too excited. i want to jump around. this is the best team, baby. this is best team. >> reporter: gio gonzalez, a legitimate candidate to win the cy young award. he was supposed to start
6:49 pm
tonight's game but he has been given the night off so he can be ready to be the game one starter in the playoffs, no matter who they play. the nats could play on saturday. they could play on sub. tonight, almost every regular in the lineup outside of adam laroche and bryce harper has the night off will i think there was a little celebrating going on last night. mark learner, one of the principal owners of the nats probably doing his own celebrating. we caught up with him about an hour ago and asked with a it was like to go from the out house to the pent house so quickly. >> we knew it had to get worse before it could get better. you recall the operation we were given. we had no farm system. no major league team to speak of. we felt very comfortable what we're doing, doing this for the long term. i think our hard work and the division that my father had. and mike rizzo and myself. i think that it is going to pay out for the long run. we didn't want to be a one-year
6:50 pm
wonder and so far so good. >> reporter: so here's the deal. if the nationals can clinch home-field advantage know they can do that by winning the next two games. they're going to play sunday against the winner of the wild card game. that will be either the braves, the dodgers or the cardinals. if they get the number two seed which means they don't have home-field advantage throughout, they'll be starting the playoffs on saturday out in san francisco. i hope you got that. a little convoluted. meanwhile the wizards start training camp at george mason university and they have high hopes for this season. john wall was in attendance but he was just watching. out until thanksgiving. emeka okafor wearing number 50. dishing out some advice to kevin seraphin. and randy whitman has his hooks into the guys from the start of the season. the third overall pick. bradley beale.
6:51 pm
that shooting guard out of florida with the sweet stroke. he is quickly realizing the benefits of his interactions. >> i know i can't could that all the time. and the coach came to me. don't be afraid to ask questions. i asked several questions. i went to kofi. just a learning process. things i have to learn. and i'm always willing to learn. i'm always willing to listen and get better. >> we have to worry about bradley being bradley and a rookie and coming into the situation. seeing how much he can handle. how much he can't handle before you ever get into deciding to thrust somebody further along than they need to be. >> and finally, monday night football was a bear for tony romo against chicago. it really make me sad to have to show these highlights. things started going downhill. picked up by charles. then early in the third, oh-oh! the ball is tipped and romo is intercepted again. the next pass by tony, the dump-off. actually it is pick off by lance
6:52 pm
brigs. interception number three. really not there fast but he returns it 74 yards from the touchdown. he his struggle is far from done. in the fourth he throws interceptions. number four and five. romo ties the career high with five interceptions. the only active quarterback with multiple five interception games. the cowboys fall 34-18. they drop to 2-2 on the season. so the redskins going up. the cowboys going down. it is sad, really, when you have to see tony romo throw five interceptions. i'm sorry i had to show that to everybody. >> boo who. >> can you see all the blood that is coming out of my heart bleeding for tony romo? bleedin[ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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tested on their commit many to their team. coming you, new video shows the moments leading up to a fiery crash that kill three people in chevy chase. plus a small dog caught in the middle of a domestic dispute. tonight she is recovering after being stabbed seven times.
6:56 pm
and arnold schwarzenegger is in town trying to promote his new memoir. hear from people who turned out to buy a copy of total recall at 11:00. >> maybe they'll tell us why. let's get a final check. veronica? >> fog, fog and more fog. the kind of fog we'll have tomorrow morning is the type that will be so thick, so low in the visibility that i think there might be a few areas where the schools are delayed for a while. that's the kind of fog we're talking about for tomorrow morning. 65 to 70. a mild start for us. it could be a little drizzle around the area. as that burns off, it will be a warm and humid day. 82 to 86 degrees. temperatures running some ten plus degrees above average. then, big time changes coming our way for the second half of the weekend. but at least as we wrap up the workweek, nice conditions with a high of 81. then 77 the first half of the weekend. we could see a shower coming through late saturday, early sunday morning. and then we're talking cool conditions coming up for sunday,
6:57 pm
monday, and tuesday. with overnight temperatures running in the upper 30s to mid 40s. highs next week, low 60s. >> i don't know if i'm ready. >> i'm not a fan of cold weather. >> the honor, the passion, the commit many of football fans. it is legendary. college or pros. we'll tell but four guys who take a back seat to nobody. they lived down near fair hope, alabama. big fans of the criminson tide. up with of the guys is doing really well with his own plane themselves decided to fly to tuscaloosa. they decided to stop in selma to pick up some barbecue. that maiks sense. they were 20 miles short of the airport in sell may when not one but both engines died. the pilot is pretty good. he made an emergency landing in a cotton field. do you know why he picked a cotton field. because cotton is so soft. >> of course. that makes perfect sense. >> once everybody got out of
6:58 pm
plane, they all looked at each other and said, hey, ain't no blood. we can still make it. they hitched a ride to montgomery, rented a car, and got to the game in t
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